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Three sentences thing with randomized pairings. All relatively safe (aside from the seventh but it's nothing too explicit), and only the second is a sequel of the first. Otherwise, they're all unrelated.

the first
Placido knows something's missing the moment the 'high' of getting the Diablo army built and perfected is gone, his gaze drifting over the multiple duelbots. It's why he takes one of them aside and for some reason, blue seems to suit it, so that's what he imagines it to be really wearing as he takes it's chin and tilts it this way and that, a finger from his other hand trailing down the exposed metal of it's throat. Yes, something's missing, and it bothers him a little more than he would like, and it makes him push the duelbot aside with a huff before he gets back to work.

the second
Bruno has no idea why he's even here, why he's Dark Glass, or why he's stumbled upon a discarded duelbot that's been wrenched from its D-Wheel, but it actually seems less abrasive than the counterparts he knows of. He - not it - seems much less so to the point that he helps Bruno leave and gets him out, because if Placido finds him, he's going to just be a sack of bolts like he should be. It pains him to hear that kind of talk, regardless of if this Diablo unit is created out of malice, and though he wonders how Yuusei would feel if he just brought home a duelbot, he decides against it - but not before telling him that he's done a very good thing and that he should leave, too.

the third
"I still don't quite get you," Aki tells him, and he's torn between looking surprised by that statement and just letting himself be amused by it.

"Yuusei doesn't either, does he?" Dark Glass asks in return, and he watches as she falls silent, head turning away to look at Neo Domino's finest duelist, and his gaze follows hers. Briefly, he wonders if Yuusei knows of the longing gaze Aki gives him, while trying to pretend his own doesn't exist for the sake of their friendship as long as he's Bruno.

the fourth
Taro's surprised to receive a letter from Rua, of all people, and he can't keep himself from recalling how adamant the young boy was to help make sure Team Taiyou remained in the WRGP, so as he tugs at the envelope, there's a fond sort of smile on his lips. The letter explains that he and his sister aren't in the city anymore, and the other members of Team 5D's have left too, which makes the smile fade a little (but he's still grateful that he and his teammates were thought of), though there's one thing that catches his eyes that makes him set down the letter and get to calling up Yoshizo and Jinbei. 'Bruno's gone too, but Yuusei stayed behind, so you all should go visit him; I'm sure he'd like the company.'

the fifth
When Carly had met Yoshizo, she couldn't help but be a little curious, so she asked him questions of just why he was such a big fan of Yuusei's. Of course, he tells her that it's because Yuusei always does his best in his duels even when things look tough for him, and Carly can't help but smile. Though they may not be the biggest fans of the same person, Carly sees a potential friend in this man, and his enthusiasm makes it easy to fall into a great friendship.
the sixth

Johnny hadn't ever expected to find a fourth person still alive, and even in his old age, he was still an excitable and... relatively (only slightly, really) over-emotional man. So once they'd gotten Aporia to where they would be staying, the other two had wandered off, leaving him alone with the new addition to their tight-knit group of friends as they searched for better clothing to start him off with.

"We're glad to have you here with us," Johnny says with a tired smile, but reaches out to take Aporia's forearm to give it a light squeeze, and he's relatively surprised (and pleased) when Aporia shifts to take Johnny's hand instead with a quiet 'thank you' as a response, and a tired smile in return.
the seventh

Even after the handshake, Yuusei isn't quite sure what to think of Jean, and in fact, he seems a little distracted as he tries to think on it (which he's very well aware that Bruno's at least noticed, with the way he put his hand on Yuusei's shoulder and leaned over to ask him if he was all right). His distraction follows him even to bed that night where his mind wanders and he dreams of just how else Jean's fingers may move when touching him, and it's a shame he can't stop his dreams in the first place, because they get out of hand and fast. Waking up with an erection and vaguely recalling Jean's touch is easily the most awkward thing to happen to Yuusei, and it's even more so when Bruno comes in to check on him with a sort of bewildered look on his face.

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