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Diana Wolf ([personal profile] maesterlicious) wrote2012-07-26 01:02 am

excerpt two lolol

The student fell to his knees as his remaining 400 Life Points were drained, but he stood back up after a moment and shook his head. “I knew going up against you was a bad idea,” he muttered as he left the arena, and Lyle collected his cards from his duel disk and walked away as the small crowd that had been watching cheered him on.


Lyle, that was a great duel!” he heard a familiar voice call out to him, and Lyle grinned, half-faking the smugness.


Not quite. I didn’t even get the final form of Horus onto the field. It was a waste of my time, really.”


Adam frowned at that. “Damn, Lyle. I didn’t think you’d be so cold about it.”


The taller male placed a hand on his shoulder. “You still can’t tell when I’m being serious, can you?” Lyle asked.


Lyle, you wear the same three expressions: a frown, a glare, or a smirk. Then there are the variations of those that I’m not even going to get into,” Adam went on. “You really think I can tell?”


Lyle stopped in his tracks and lowered his head slightly. “Do you want to see a genuine smile?” he asked, already beginning to think of something that would draw one on his lips.


Actually? Yes, I would. It probably looks hide—oh my goodness.” Lyle had lifted his head so Adam could see his smile, and had Adam been female or into men, he probably would have swooned. Keeping that in mind, the older student rushed forward and placed a hand over Lyle’s mouth. “Bloody hell, don’t let the girls see that; they’ll be all over you more than they are now, and then I’ll never get a chance.”

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