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Diana Wolf ([personal profile] maesterlicious) wrote2012-05-02 12:02 am

Muse List - Updated with DW Accounts!


[community profile] rakuen 
Ishizu Ishtar - [personal profile] antiquitied 

[community profile] gargleblasted 
Ishizu Ishtar - [personal profile] antiquitied 
Kairi - [personal profile] lightofheart 

[community profile] star_kingdom 
Ishizu Ishtar - [personal profile] antiquitied 

In Limbo/Memes

Malik Ishtar - [personal profile] pharaonicmemory 
Zelda - [personal profile] thegoddessincarnate 
Euphemia li Britannia - [personal profile] despisescombat 
Ulquiorra Cifer - [personal profile] pedraojo 


Cirucci Thunderwitch - [profile] centum_quinque
Cirucci Thunderwitch (AU) - [profile] durus_mulier
Cirucci Thunderwitch - [personal profile] slashing_opera
Grimmjow Jaegerjaques (AU) - [personal profile] kittytaichou
Hinamori Momo (AU) - [profile] diapente_fracta
Loly Aivirrne - [profile] ojialegre
Inoue Orihime - [profile] sixgreypetals
Inoue Orihime - [profile] sixheartsasone
Inoue Orihime - [profile] unblendable
Matsumoto Rangiku - [profile] decimus_infremo
Sado "Chad" Yasutora - [profile] el_directo
Tesla Lindocruz - [profile] quintoadoracion
Ulquiorra Cifer - [personal profile] pedraojo 
Ulquiorra Cifer (AU) - [profile] kriegsgefangene + [profile] notsoimprisoned

Code Geass
Euphemia li Britannia - [personal profile] despisescombat

Code: Lyoko
Ulrich Stern - [profile] stoicstern

Death Note
Amane Misa - [profile] oculus_ut_deus

Final Fantasy
Lucrecia Crescent - [profile] tenera_venustas
Yuffie Kisaragi (AU) - [profile] securus_amimi
Quistis Trepe (AU) - [profile] exertusmagister
Seymour Guado - [profile] natus_fides
Lenne - [profile] speciosus_spero

Fullmetal Alchemist
Nina Tucker - [profile] magicflowers

Gundam 00
Sumeragi Lee Noriega - [profile] ratio_orator

Kingdom Hearts
Kairi - [profile] destined_light
Kairi Doux (AU) - [profile] fatum_venator
Kairi Lovelace (AU) - [profile] gero_puella
Kairi - [profile] lucis_fatum
Kairi Russo (AU) - [profile] memoria_persa‡ + [profile] vergessenekind + [profile] cattus_femina
Kairi Matsuda (AU) - [profile] mico_carmen
Kairi (age 18) - [profile] piaculum_femina
Kairi (AU) - [profile] solus_viscus
Riku (AU) - [profile] tinselnumber8
Saix Astio (AU) - [profile] acerbus_invidia
Yuffie Kisaragi - [profile] hyper_ninja
Xemnas - [profile] atrum_pestis
Xemnas Temnota - [profile] gens_duxducis

The World Ends With You
Shiki Misaki - [profile] ornatus_regina
Uzuki Yashiro - [profile] atrox_eversor

Never-been-used Journals

Aizen Sousuke → [profile] lackingmoralsBleach
Menoly Mallia → [profile] los_celosBleach
Mike Hanson → [profile] testetucksBuying the Cow (movie)(2000)
Luciela of the South → [profile] luciofthesouthClaymore
Euphemia li Britannia → [profile] euphemia_liCode Geass
Harley Quinn → [profile] quinnacleDC Animated Universe
Fran → [profile] vieranomoreFinal Fantasy XII
Claus von Stauffenberg → [profile] landesverraeterValkyrie (movie)(2008)
Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman → [personal profile] of_themysciraDC Comics
Oerba Dia Vanille → [profile] liestoprotectFinal Fantasy XIII
Jason Todd aka the Red Hood → [profile] hadonlyrageDC Comics
Jason Todd aka the Red Hood → [profile] lazaruspittedDC Comics

† - denotes journals used in multiple canon RPs
‡ - denotes journals used in multiple AU RPs
• - denotes journals used in both canon and AU RPs

and I'm going to pretend all of the journals were linked properly okay? you should too, I'll fix it when I'm less lazy. ;;

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